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Security Information

When it comes to computers, nothing is more important than security, and
the protection of your PC on the net. Most people don't even realize that
there is indeed a battleground where your computer is the prize. There
are people who break into your computer to steal information, such
as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers,
personally identifiable information and more. Many of them see it as a
challenge to break into your computer like others would climb a mountain
or go white water rafting. Many people do not take this seriously, asking,
"Oh, what could they possibly want?" You would be surprised.
Take this into account:

   Did you know that Corporations will pay good money for personally identifiable information to enlarge their customer base? Personally identifiable means, say, Mr. "Bob", who loves cheese pizza, Star Trek movies, and prefers to shop at, has 3 children, "Anna", "Mike"and "Jill" who love toys, of course. And a wife, "Angie"  who loves to buy antiques. And that's only the beginning of what they could find out.

How about this:

   "Jim" wants to break into a website and download some of their expensive programs. So that he won't get caught, he finds a computer that isn't protected on the internet. No firewall, no nothing. Door's open, "Jim" walks right on in. He find the file on the person's computer that dials their ISP,...your internet provider, like AOL, MSN, Prodigy and so on, ... then he dials up, using your name and password, and commits an illegal act. You get the blame, since it was traced back to your login and password. Your ISP links the crime right to you. Now you have to pay for what "Jim" did. The Tools "Jim" used to do this were available quite easily. Is that fair?

What do you do?

Do you continue to look away?  You may think it won't happen, but it will. Port Scanners actively search for computers like yours. You are the prey to them. Easy defenseless prey. They are carnivores who want what you have. ID theft is on the rise, as well as
"cracker"(people who break into computers for profit and harm) related crimes.

Do you use your virus scanner? That's a good idea, however, it only stops viruses. Not "crackers", people who break into your computer for harm.

Click here to take a small, non-obtrusive security test. This test tells you what your very own browser program tells our website. This is just scratching the surface. We will not purposely go any deeper than just the web browser. Then, when you leave, your information is automatically deleted permanently from Blue Lightning's website.